compression load cell / button type / compact / triaxial
OMD-20-SE OptoForce Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Form:

    button type

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, triaxial, hermetic

  • Rated force:

    40 N


OptoForce 3D sensors measure the magnitude and the direction of Fx, Fy, and Fz forces based purely on optical principles. Depending on the application, semi-spherical and flat top versions are available. We advise these sensors for low budget research programs and for measurements
where torque sensing is unnecessary. Semi-spherical sensors are ideal as sensitive fingertips for humanoid robot hands, industrial grippers, harvesting robots, and due to its high durability there are various applications in the field of medical robotics (rehabilitation) and advanced robotics (e.g. exoskeletons) as well.