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electric linear axis / compact / aluminum
EZS series Oriental Motor



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    compact, aluminum


EZS Series

Electric linear slides with absolute sensor with/without integrated controller

Linear slide size: 54 mm x 50 mm - 74 mm x 66.5 mm
Drive method: ball screw
Stroke: 50-850 mm
Pushing force: 100-500 N
Thrust force: 43-400 N
Holding force: 70-400 N
Max. speed: 180-800 mm/s
Repetitive positioning accuracy: ±0.02 mm
Traveling parallelism: 0.03 mm
Min. traveling amount: 0.01 mm
Max. transportable mass horizontal: 60 kg
Max. transportable mass vertical: 30 kg
Voltage: single-phase 200-240 VAC, 24/48 VDC

Available types: standard, reversed motor type, type with electromagnetic brake

- accurate positioning
- high rigidity
- absolute sensor
- dust-resistant