High-inertia AC brushless electric servo-motor
50 - 750 W Orientalmotor

Servo times three
New series of AC servomotors at Oriental Motor

With NX, Oriental Motor now introduces a servomotor for 200-230 VAC operating voltage. The NX series consists of three motor types: one standard version and two versions with different planetary gears.

Servomotors of the NX series are especially suitable for applications with a high moment of inertia. With manual adjustment, the motors achieve a hundredfold of the rotor inertia. The moment of inertia is otherwise 50 times greater than this.
Particularly stopping without any vibration is advantageous in belt applications. Vertical usage is also possible with the NX series, because all three versions are available with an electromagnetic brake.
The sizes of the NX series extend from 42 to 104 mm. The maximum output is 50 to 750 W at speeds of up to 5,500 min-1.

In operation, the NX, like the entire product range of Oriental Motor, distinguishes itself through its user-friendliness. Four control modes are available. These are activated via a control module or programming software. These are both available separately. It is possible to monitor the position, the speed, the torque or for coiling applications, for example, the tractive force.


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