Brushless servomotor / AC / 230 V / high-inertia
50 - 750 W Orientalmotor


  • Type:

    brushless, AC

  • Voltage :

    230 V

  • Other characteristics:



The Oriental Motor NX series is made of three different motor types, a standard model and two models with planetary gears. These are highly-efficient motors that are ideal for use with applications that have a high moment of inertia. Manual adjustment can be used to achieve a hundredfold of the rotor inertia, and all motors in the NX series can be used with vertical movement tasks thanks to the inclusion of an electromagnetic brake by the manufacturers.

The sizes of these devices range from 42 to 104mm, and there is a maximum output of 50 to 750W at speeds of up to 5,500min-1. This series of motors can be used in belt applications and stops without vibrations.


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