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Incremental rotary encoder / flange-mount / for high shaft loads
ORMEC Systems Corp.


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    for high shaft loads


Lineshaft Pacer Encoders
Interfacing a position encoder to an ORMEC ServoWire Drive can provide vital position information to the motion control system.
This approach is simple, yet effective, because information from the "encoder axis" is available to be used in the same way that information is used from any "servo axis".

Key Features

Heavy Duty sealed bearings and NEMA 4X housing
Flange Mount with integral coupling and servo mount configurations available
200 KHz Frequency response for all channels
Optional 2X, 4X, 5X or 10X cycle interpolation
Maximum Data Rate increases to match cycle interpolation
LED light source
Remote Encoders Uses
Pacer Encoders measure real-time shaft position data of a machine axis to be sent to other servo axes in the system when electronic gearing and/or cam profiling are used in an application.
Programmable limit switches on each ServoWire drive can be configured to turn on or off based on pacer encoder position.


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