AC servo-drive
SM-Series ORMEC Systems Corp.


  • AC/DC:


  • Current:

    Max.: 60 A

    Min.: 2 A

  • Output power:

    Max.: 24000 W (32.63 hp)

    Min.: 200 W (0.27 hp)


SM-Series Servo Drives

Note: While ORMEC fully supports the SM-Series drives it is highly recommended that all new systems use SD-Series drives with the SMLC controller.

SAC-SM 230 Series Servo Drives

Up to 24 ServoWire SM drives can be interfaced to an ORION or the SMLC (Servowire Motion and Logic Controller) using a standard FireWire network, utilizing ServoWire protocol for motion control. These drives are rugged and reliable and are currently operating in applications around the world.
Key Features

- Small Footprint - higher power density reduces space requirements
- Sinusoidal Commutation - improves low speed torque ripple
- Trapezoidal Commutation - provides user flexibility
- Integral Shunt Regulators - adds protection
- Status Indicator - single digit display for network ID & drive status
- ServoWire Network Interface - all-digital control link to ServoWire Network
- Drive Power Inputs - 115 or 230 VAC nominal with overvoltage protection
- Low Power - 24VDC is available
- UL/CE approvals - UL Listed and CE Mark
- External Regen & Bus Connections - allows bus power to be shared between drives
- Brushless Motor Feedback Interface - quadrature encoders and differential or single-ended hall tracks, serial encoders and resolvers (optional).
- Flexible Drive I/O - provide a variety of I/O see below