HMI terminal with touch screen / panel-mount / 800 x 600 / ARM Cortex
ORMEC Systems Corp.



  • Interface:

    with touch screen

  • Mounting:


  • Resolution:

    800 x 600

  • Processor:

    ARM Cortex

  • Applications:


  • Screen size:



HMI Touchscreens
ORMEC HMI 6 inch

ORMEC’s MMI-8000 flatpanel touchscreens provide a variety of sizes and functionality for human-machine interfaces. MMI-8000 units are available in six, seven and ten inch screen sizes (diagonal), with TFT color displays. Update: in December 2009 the MMI-8080 and MMI-8104 were replaced by the MMI-8070 and MMI-8100. Update #2: in January 2010 we have added two additional models MMI-8121 (twelve inch screen) and MMI-8150 (fifteen inch screen).

Key Features

- Cost Effective
- Ethernet Modbus/TCP or RS-232 Modbus RTU
- FREE EasyBuilder 8000 development software
- SMLC or Orion compatible
- Built In Recipe Management
- Fault Indicators for troubleshooting
- Converts EasyBuilder 500 projects
- Wide Screen Aspect Ratio on the 7" and 10" models

The MMI8000 touchscreen is designed to provide the operator an effective way to control machine operation. The operator can easily be alerted to machine alarms and status conditions. Different panels can be quickly selected to present different sets of machine functions typically found for setup, maintenance, changing product runs and fault conditions. Operator control functionality can be built into the MMI-8000 representing a typical factory operator panel, without the bulky hardware, I/O modules and wiring needed to build it.

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