multi-axis motion control card / servomotor / PC-based
ORION Series ORMEC Systems Corp.


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ORION Motion Controller Family

Note: The ORION family is fully supported and in production. For new applications, SMLC Motion Controllers are recommended.
ORION Motion Controller

The goal of ORION automation control is to offer an industrial PC-based platform for multi-axis motion control including servos, machine I/O, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and connectivity.
A fully-integrated control solution provides hardware and software that are engineered to plug together and work as a system.
Key Features

- All-Digital - Scalable System Architecture
- IEEE 1394 - Digital drive network
- Industrial PC Based Controller - Pentium powered with up to 32 axis of control
- Flash RAM MotionBASIC System Card - available for memory card and communications
- Integral digital I/O - variety of flexible options for I/O expansion
- TCP/IP - Communications support serial connections
- DSP Based Axis Control - ServoWire Axis Module controls 1 to 8 axes
- MotionDesk - is a Windows compatible (supports XP mode of Windows 7) integrated development environment for motion control

ORMEC utilizes industry-standard PC hardware (motherboards and Ethernet adapters) and open standards (IEEE-1394, PC Cards and TCP/IP) to create value for its customers. ORION and the ServoWire Drive Network provide state-of-the-art automation and motion control for up to 32 axes -- and provides solutions for interfacing servos with machine I/O, HMI & connectivity requirements. ORIONs are used in a wide range of industrial and aerospace markets including packaging, converting, labeling, web & material handling, medical, pharmaceutical, as well as general assembly and winding.