multiple-disc brake / spring / mechanical / hydraulic release
170 series Ortlinghaus



  • Type:


  • Operation:

    spring, mechanical, hydraulic release

  • Torque:

    Min.: 0 Nm (0

    Max.: 60,000 Nm (44,253.729


Brake for servomotor-driven mechanical presses
The most recent developments in the field of servomotor-driven mechanical presses point to possible new directions within the field of press equipment.
The theoretically free-programmable movement of the slide, together with a change in speed within a cycle, opens new potentials within press technology.
This could be the beginning of „universal machines“ that cover the entire range from try-out to single stroke mode and right up to the classical continuous-operation machine.
Of course, existing safety regulations also apply to this new machine concept, whereby the slide must be held in place when the machine is at standstill and it must be safely stopped during an emergency stop caused by power failure.
To meet the requirements of this innovative machine concept while also observing existing safety regulations, Ortlinghaus has developed a brake especially for servomotor-driven presses.
This special brake is actuated by spring pressure and is hydraulically released. The frictional material is designed for dry runing.
The brake is characterised by its low space requirements and a low mass moment of inertia of the rotating parts. High torques can be achieved due to the construction of the multi-plate brake. Its closed structural shape protects the brake from environmental influences and simultaneously dampens noise transfer to it.