Edge honing machine
IBX-12 Osborn International

The machine is designed to edgehone inserts and other similar small components. The machine consists of the machine bare and full enclosure. All electric components are part of the machine.

The machine base houses a rotary table that includes 12 workpiece spindles in group of 4 each. With the help of a servo motor the rotary table indexes 120 degrees. The table is suspended with a heavy duty ball bearing providing the highest possible rigidity.

All 12 workpieces are driven with three servo motors, each motor being responsible for each group of spindles. It is therefore possible to rotate or index components to certain positions to provide accurate honing. Two independent brushing stations perform the honing process. Each brush is driven by a 4 kW electric motor that includes variable speed adjustments. The brushing stations are positioned with servo motors. Each brush, therefore, can be set to the desired position or can oscillate during the honing process. The stations are guided with precision ball groove guide ways. The machine is capable of measuring the diameter of both brushes automatically. Also, the machine will dress and compensate both brush simultaneously.

The programming is easy with the help of graphic menues. The combination of a fully CNC operated machine, the graphic interface and the rigidity of the machine makes the IBX-12 extremely versatile - even for inserts with uneven surface. The control of the IBX-12 will store all of the programs that were created for all of your parts.


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