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melting furnace / pit / electric / controlled atmosphere



  • Function:


  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Atmosphere:

    controlled atmosphere

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, graphite, for metallurgy, plasma arc


Use a cost-efficient, sustainable, and compact solution for ferroalloys processing. Outotec's direct current (DC) smelting furnace can be used for direct smelting of fine ores, even those with highly variable chemical or mineralogical compositions, as well as for recycling challenging by-products such as steel dust.

- Enables direct smelting of ores with fine particle sizes
- Allows accurate process control with high metal recovery, even with lower-grade ores
- Enables cost-efficient recycling for challenging by-products
- Cuts operational costs with the ability to use low-cost reductants
- Lowers CAPEX and offers better economies of scale for smaller plant capacities through optimized layout and design

Robust, safe, and easy to operate, our DC furnace solutions are custom-designed for each individual application. The optimized furnace and feed system layout makes it a highly cost-efficient solution.

- Continuous electrical direct current supplied by transformer and rectifier
- Graphite electrode forms negative cathode and the bottom of the furnace the positive anode
- Smelting energy supplied by open plasma arc
- Raw material reduced at high temperature with carbon reductant such as anthracite or coal
- Alloy sinks to the bottom and slag floats at the top; these are tapped intermittently through dedicated tap holes
- Off-gas, mainly carbon monoxide, is cleaned and can be reused as combustible fuel