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remelting furnace / continuous / for metallurgy / for non-ferrous metals



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    continuous, for metallurgy, for non-ferrous metals


Ensure your smelting process offers the best in energy efficiency. The Outotec Flash Smelting Process is classified as a best available technique (BAT) by the European Union and gives you high recovery of metals with low investment and operating costs.

- Gives you high recovery of copper, nickel, and other valuable metals
- Requires low investment and operating costs
- Allows a continuous process with high flexibility and on-line availability
- Enables high sulfur recovery with only one continuous high-strength SO₂ stream to the acid plant
- Improves in-plant hygiene and decreases emissions
- Gives long campaign life

The Outotec Flash Smelting Process is one of the world’s most commonly used processes for the production of primary copper and nickel. The process is based on our flash smelting principle, which utilizes the internal energy of the feed material for smelting, minimizing the need for external fuel and making the process very energy efficient.

The solution offers high capacity in a highly sustainable process and provides the most effective emission control when combined with Kennecott-Outotec® Flash Converting. The equipment size is compact and no ladle transportation of molten materials is needed.