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melting furnace / electric / rotating / for metallurgy



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    rotating, for metallurgy, large-size


Improve the efficiency and sustainability of your smelter operations with our ferrosilicon and silicon metal technologies. Extensive research and development and state-of-the-art engineering ensure high availability, yield, and recovery, as well as low energy consumption and emissions.

- Enables low specific energy consumption and emissions
- Promotes high availability with durable, robust, and easy-to-maintain Outotec electrode equipment
- Reduces CAPEX through customized design and optimized plant size
- Reduces OPEX through high-end process control systems
- Gives you optimal furnace design via complete integration of Outotec proprietary technologies

Our silicon alloy smelter design is optimized according to your needs. Outotec Söderberg electrode equipment is proven technology for ferrosilicon production and high availability and low specific energy consumption is guaranteed by high quality materials and an easy-to-maintain design.

For silicon metal production, Outotec offers a graphite electrode system. Operating cost levels can be decreased with composite electrodes, which combine the benefits of graphite electrodes and Söderberg electrodes. The overall energy efficiency can be improved with a heat recovery system to produce hot water, steam, or electricity. Our rotating furnace design promotes the longer life time of the refractory lining and makes operation easier. Silica fume is recovered from the off-gas and packed ready for shipping.

- Furnace sizes range from 20 to 45 MW
- Integration with other Outotec heat recovery systems is possible