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natural gas burner / oxygen / furnace

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natural gas burner / oxygen / furnace natural gas burner / oxygen / furnace


  • Power source:

    natural gas

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Ensure optimal performance for a large feed or throughput turndown, resulting in flexible and continuous production. Our Concentrate Burner performance affects slag copper content and flue dust quality as well as the utilization of oxygen, so has a major impact on operational costs.

- Gives you efficient and stable production
- Results in high oxygen efficiency and low metal losses to slag
- Leads to high on-line time
- Adapts to various feed rates with highly automated and intuitive control system

The Outotec Concentrate Burner is a sleeve-type, central jet-distribution concentrate burner with an adjustable feed rate and process-air velocity designed specifically for use in the flash smelting process. Our solution is the result of dozens of years of experience. It adapts automatically and fully to various feed rates, feed analysis, and feed stoppages. The feed burner's rigid construction and sophisticated monitoring systems guarantees high oxygen efficiency (99% for smelting) and high on-line time (> 99%).

The Outotec Concentrate Burner mixes solid feed with oxygen-enriched process air to form a turbulent suspension, which ignites at the top of the reaction shaft. The rapid reactions that follow consume almost all of the oxygen in the shaft. Outotec offers different size classes with feed capacities from 20 to 350 tons/hour. Efficient operation is ensured by combining the burner with the Outotec Loss-in-weight feeder and Outotec Air Slide for consistent and accurate solid feed supply.