Motorized mirror holder
° 50 mm (2") | KSHM 90 series OWIS


The KSHM 90 flip mirror holders are the motorized version of the manual KSH 90 and are able to be used in any orientation. The optics are pressed against three stops via two clamping plates, in the same way as the manual version. This means that transmitting optics up to 2" in size can be mounted into the mounts.

Using the NG-E02 control unit, a mirror can be flipped in a 45° angle into the beam with a switching time of about 1.5s; it has a repeatability of less than 100μrad. Optics can be fine adjusted ±0.5° in phi, Z and theta by using disc springs. The KSHM 90 is able to be mounted directly into a SYS 90 system on S 90 LL system rails using the RT 90-80 slides and ADP-RT90-KSH(M)90 adapter plate. A central M6 thread is in the bottom plate for mounting on STF 15 pins.


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