compact positioner / precision / XYθφ



  • Other characteristics:

    compact, precision, XYθφ


The XYθφ fibre positioners enable positioning fibres with nanometre precision in X, Y, θ and φ. The variant with fine-thread screws FGS 15 has a pitch of 0.15 mm/rev., the one with micrometres even 0.10 mm/rev. By using these micrometres a setting sensiti-vity down to 20 nm is reachable.

The FAPO 65 is equipped with SMA or with FC adapter. They are for use with SYS 65 and can easily integrated in Setups.

for use with SYS 65
very sensitive adjustment of X, Y, θ and φ
fine-thread screws FGS 15 or micrometers MS 10
SMA or FC • compact design
ways of installing
- for use with slide RT 65
- on pins STF 15
- vacuum-prepared versions available