Single-axis manual linear stage
25 - 150 mm | LT 60 series OWIS

The economically priced linear stages of the series LT 60 are the appropriate choice for both R&D and industrial applications.

The special guidance provides a virtually slip-stick free motion as well as a high load capacity. The material combination of spindle and nut ensures low wear and tear as well as long life time.

It is possible to sensitively adjust the breaking force of the clamping element up to the complete fixing of the fine thread spindle without displacing the spindle.

All aluminium parts have a top-quality black anodized protective coating.

travel 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm or 150 mm

designed for industrial applications

deformation-resistant aluminium

reflection-poor, black anodized

ground fine-thread spindle with low backlash

carriage with ground and stainless recirculating ball bearing guides

fixing device for the slide

XY, XZ or XYZ assembly possible


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