Stepper and servo-motor controller
PS 35 series OWIS

The PS 35 as an universal position control in a table top with LCD controls up to 3 axes of 2 phase step motors or DC servo motors (brush). Different combinations of both motor types are possible. The display shows the status of each axis and its position with measuring unit. Further, for each axis a reset button is provided.

Micro-step mode with step motors guarantees smooth running and high resolution. These motors can be operated from full step up to 256 micro steps per full step using the software.

The PS 35 is operated and programmed by a PC. Several inputs and outputs are integrated to communicate with different peripherals, e.g. TTL, analog as well as two power outputs for motor brakes.

The PS 35 provides point-to-point positioning in trapeze or S-curve velocity-time-profiles.

Part of the delivery is a CD with the proven software tool OWISoft, the complete driver and SDK for C, C++ and LabView (V. 5.0 and above). Thus, the PS 35 can be configured and operated comfortably.

Foreign motors can also be actuated.

up to 3 axes controllable
for 2-phase step motors and DC-servo motors
USB and RS 232 interface
8 TTL / analog inputs, as well as inputs for encoder
2 configurable limit switch inputs per axis
5 TTL and 2 power outputs
point-to-point operation, circular interpolation and linear interpolation
driver and SDK for C, C++ and LabView (from V.5.0)

- joystick
- stand-alone-compiler


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