Conductive adhesive tape / for EMC shielding
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    for EMC shielding


Conductive Foil Tapes

Our range of conductive foil tape offers a cost-effective solution to EMC shielding. Tapes are available in both copper and aluminium with a conductive adhesive. The tapes can be used to seal joints on enclosures and for ground termination between panels on shielded rooms. Embossed versions are available to order.

Bake & Peel Conductive Foil Tape

Bake & Peel foil tape provides an effective alternative to selective plating or chromate conversion on painted surfaces.

The foil tape, which comes with a conductive adhesive backing, is fixed in place prior to painting. Once painting and baking are completed, the peal off mask can be removed to expose a conductive foil surface to which an EMC gasket can be fixed.

Temperature specification (baking) 1 hour at 200°C.


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