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Liquid filled distribution transformer
75 - 15 000 kVA Pacific Crest Transformers

Padmount Transformers come in a wide variety of electrical and mechanical configurations. They may be offered in any voltage, phase or frequency required.
A Padmount Transformer is mounted on a 'pad' foundation with high and low voltage underground cables entering from below directly into the terminal compartments, which are a part of the transformer housing. Padmount transformers are specially designed for ease of installation and reliability in public areas, where a tamper-proof design is required.

Liquid-filled Transformers Padmount type (75 to 15000 kVA)

Benefits of Pacific Crest Transformer design
- A Padmount Transformer is designed for distribution and specialty (dedicated load) applications, in public access areas where security and public safety are of premier importance
- Pacific Crest Transformers are also designed for ease of installation and first cost savings
- Integral fault protection reduces outage time
- Single-phase or three-phase designs are available,depending on load requirements
- Internal loadbreak switches can be used as loadbreak devices or as a sectionalizing switch to locate faults and isolate them
- Safe, dead-front construction or live front construction options are available

- A Padmount Transformer is a single piece of equipment with integral HV and LV terminal chamber; it requires less space and makes installation simpler, less expensive and more aesthetic.
- This also means that costs associated with operation and maintenance are reduced.
- PCT's liquid-filled, Padmount Transformers are an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and utility applications.


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