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Laminated tube production line / plastic
Mini 120 Packys Global


  • Finished product:

    laminated tube

  • Material:



Making tube production simple, compact and cost effective

The Technology

No more than 15 m2 are required to produce 120 tubes per minute including top seal and capping application. The extremely compact design not only saves floor space, it enhances ergonomics: the operator interface is centrally placed from where all process steps can be supervised.

Two fixed roll-stands, in combination with a semi-automatic splice table, allow roll change within seconds.One-step operation for shoulder making

(compression molding) and body welding gives a flawless shoulder finish and eliminates the need for pre-formed shoulders.

An integrated state-of-the-art capping process further optimizes the machine layout. The innovative turret design reduces size parts for capping by half.


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