Acoustic blanket fiberglass
1/2'' - 2" | Tuf-Skin®, Tuf-Skin® II pacor Inc

Fiberglass insulation is the most widely used insulation because of its excellent thermal and acoustical properties. As a Select Master Fabricator for Johns Manville, Pacor has access to the broadest line of industrial fiberglass insulation products in the industry. Tuf-Skin® and Tuf-Skin II® can be bought as standard length rolls or can be die-cut into a variety of customer specified parts. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find out if Tuf-Skin® and Tuf-Skin II® fiberglass blankets can be used to lose the noise and maintain the optimum performance of your equipment.


Tuf-Skin® and Tuf-Skin® II are dual-density fiberglass blankets and the most widely used insulation for HVAC equipment applications. The combination of a high-density skin and low-density core provides high acoustical values in the high and low frequency ranges normally encountered in appliances and HVAC equipment.


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