chain conveyor / air-operated / inclined
Palamatic Process



  • Technology:

    chain, air-operated

  • Other characteristics:



Conveying of materials requiring flexibility of implementation
Robust design enabling the conveying of a wide variety of products, whether heavy or sticky; discs ensure the self-cleaning of the system.

Flow rate from 1 to 40 m³/h.
Elevation up to 10 m.
Conveying length up to 50 m.

The conveyor is tightly designed through the integration of tubes and angle gears. The disks, manufactured in synthetic material, are mounted at regular intervals along the chain or the cable.

Operating mode of the aero conveyor

The inlet of the material is performed at the level of the angle gear pulleys or directly on the conveying tube. The inlets can be multiple.
The outlets fo the material are performed at the level of the pulleys or directly on the tube according to methods with specific valves that are peculiar to the system.

Advantages of the aero conveyor

Self-cleaning disk system
Compliance with crumbly and fragile materials
Conveying of materials with heterogeneous density and particule size
Flexibility of implementation