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Multi-cartridge filter filter housing / stainless steel / sanitary
227 l/min | FBT series PALL


  • Filter type:

    for multi-cartridge filters

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:



This product provides a first-class solution for liquid filtration needs. As hygiene is a significant factor to consider when selecting filter housings, this product makes use of a crevice-free, polished and hygienic design to make sure sanitation and microbiological safety standards are met. The sanitary design accommodates several connection options such as 3-A sanitary design, which passes the 3-A Sanitary Standards #10-04 requirements. With FBT Housings, cost, quality, and performance are as these are inexpensive and highly durable and corrosion resistant with the 316L stainless steel watted parts and high-quality welds.


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