Disc mill
80 - 1 300 kg/h | PKM Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG


  • Technology:



The pre-cut production waste is size reduced into high quality powders in the PolyGrinder®, type PKM and reintroduced into the production process. This process protects the environment and reduces raw material costs. The mill is a compact standard system which has proven to be successful in rough continuous operation.

Method of Operation:
The granular feed material is fed via a storage bin into the PolyGrinder®. A metal separator is arranged inline and discharges metal out of the production stream. Pulverization of the feed material is performed between the serrated size reduction elements of a stationary and rotating grinding disc. The ground material is suctioned out of the mill by a fan and is transported via a cyclone separator with downstream rotary airlock to the sacking station. The finished powder is sacked or pneumatically transported into a powder silo. In order to achieve the desired powder quality, different screen systems can be optionally used. Screened coarse material is automatically reintroduced into the mill in a closed circuit system. Further options which can be integrated into the system are a filter or a granule conveying system.


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