Particle counter / batch / electronic / for hydraulic fluids
PAMAS SBSS PAMAS Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme


  • Type:

    particle, batch

  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for hydraulic fluids, for viscous liquids


Syringe Bottle Sampling System

The PAMAS SBSS is a particle counting system for batch sampling. The PAMAS SBSS is the standard instrument used as a reference in many testing labs. The instrument may be programmed to measure a sample without the need of an operator, like pre-filling the internal dead volume, degassing the sample with vacuum, pressurising the sample for a number of measurement runs, and relieving pressure at the end. High accuracy and repeatability, fast purging and back flush possibility are the key benefits of the system.


The system is used for hydraulic oils, insulation and turbine oils and organic fluids or solvents. With the software PAMAS USP, the system may be also used for pharmaceutical applications with higher viscosities.


max. 1600 cSt with optional high pressure pump or with external pressure supply

Volumetric particle sensors

Size range:
1 - 400 µm with calibration according to ISO 21501
1 - 100 µm with calibration according to ISO 4402
4 - 70 µm(c) with calibration according to ISO 11171
Max. particle concentration: 24,000 p/ml at 25 ml/min


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