Laboratory freezer / low-temperature / industrial / medical
MDF-MU300H-PE Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V.


  • Laboratory/process:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    industrial, medical, storage

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -35 °C (-31 °F)

    Max.: -18 °C (-0.4 °F)

  • Capacity:

    274 l (72.38 gal)


The Biomedical ECO freezer, MDF-MU300H-PE (former KM-MU28H1E), with natural refrigerants and inverter compressors that help in reducing the energy consumption and environmental impact. One can save a lot of money on running costs. The innovative inverter technology in the device provides a stable temperature for a broad range of storage applications. This freezer is highly useful for storing life-saving vaccines and samples that are used for diagnosis in medical field.

This freezer can also be used to store enzymes that are used for genetic research, culture media, reagents along with a variety of samples for testing. The freezer is appropriate for aging and temperature tests in industries. It acts as a great storage environment with a number of easy-to-use features and offers an unmatched functionality and reliability.


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