Laboratory freezer / liquid nitrogen / cryogenic / for cryopreservation
S-3000AB Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V.


  • Laboratory/process:


  • Other characteristics:

    liquid nitrogen, cryogenic

  • Applications:

    for cryopreservation, storage

  • Capacity:

    345 l (91.14 gal)


S-3000AB is a custom Biogenic Cryopreservation System that is designed to fulfill the temperature, storage and security requirements that are needed by the laboratories for storing frozen samples at cryogenic temperatures. S-3000AB has 5 liquid nitrogen freezers that are available in different sizes ranging from 90 liters to 720 liters. They have a sample storage capacity of 40,000, 2 ml vials, which is equivalent to 3,500 blood bags.

Each and every unit of the system is provided with a liquid level auto-fill and alarm system that provides security and enable the flexibility to operate the vapour and/or immersion storage in any easy way. The extensive range of racks and frames completes the system. The configuration of the system can be customized as per the requirement.


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