Laboratory freezer / liquid nitrogen / cryogenic / for cryopreservation
S-5000EHAB Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V.


  • Laboratory/process:


  • Other characteristics:

    liquid nitrogen, cryogenic

  • Applications:

    for cryopreservation, storage

  • Capacity:

    720 l (190.2 gal)


Custom Biogenic Systems Cryopreservation Systems are intended to convene heat, storage and safety requirements necessary by laboratories preserving cold models at cryogenic temperatures. Five fluid nitrogen freezers are obtainable carrying in capacities from 90 liters to 720 liters, with a maximum taster storage capacity of 40,000, 2 ml vials or more than 3,500 blood containers. Each component comprises a fluid level automatic-fill and apprehension system to offer safety, easiness of maneuver, plus suppleness to activate immersion storage, vapor storage or a mixture of both to store any size or type of model. A wide range of average stock racks or containers and structures are accessible to complete the system. Routine designs can as well be planned to fit any necessities.


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