Laboratory freezer / liquid nitrogen / cryogenic / storage
Classic 4002 Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V.


  • Laboratory/process:


  • Other characteristics:

    liquid nitrogen, cryogenic

  • Applications:


  • Capacity:

    Min.: 111 l (29.32 gal)

    Max.: 121 l (31.96 gal)


The Classic 4002 Liquid Nitrogen Storage System from Panasonic is a smart, versatile, high capacity and economic cryo-preservation system that stores samples at -195˚C with minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen. It can store a large number of vials ranging from 21-6,000 of 2ml each that are manually filled.

Classic 4002 is manufactured with aluminum that makes it durable and lightweight, and has roller base, lockable lids and a handle-mounted, low-level alarm for easier handling and optimum sample security. With its ergonomic design, it is easy to store and take out samples. Temperature is maintained efficiently by advanced insulation and vacuum.


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