Laboratory freezer / liquid nitrogen / cryogenic / storage
XC 34/18 Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V.


  • Laboratory/process:


  • Other characteristics:

    liquid nitrogen, cryogenic

  • Applications:


  • Capacity:

    34.8 l (9.19 gal)


Panasonic XC 34/18 Cryosystem LN2 Freezers deliver economical sample storage at cryogenic temperatures. The manual-fill systems offer versatility, highest capacity, and low consumption of liquid nitrogen. The freezers have capacities ranging from 210 to 6,000 2ml vials. These are suitable for storing vials and straws.

A broad range of storage needs is met by the XC, Classic and Value Added Series. Highest thermal performance is provided by the sophisticated vacuum and insulation.

XC 34/18 are lightweight, yet long-lasting. Made with aluminum, the freezers can move easily due to the roller bases. The store can be easily accesses and samples can be retrieved without difficulty.

The low-level alarm and lockable lids provide security to the sample. Note that padlock is not supplied.


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