Blood bank refrigerator / laboratory
MBR-705GR-PE Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V.


  • Applications:

    for blood banks, laboratory


The MBR-704GR-PE blood bank refrigerator has a unique design, that aims at maintaining the AABB criteria along with an absolutely reliable temperature control system that uses the Panasonic original technology. Panasonic has come up with this superbly efficient compressor that allows a noise-free performance and instant cooling for each model.

MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators are well-suited for whole blood storage along with stability and reliable temperature control systems in the inventory loads. It deals with all types of blood preservation features like excellent uniformity, microprocessor control and a huge adjustable storage capacity. Panasonic is the ideal choice when it comes to choosing the exact equipment that suits your needs.


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