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spot welding robot / arc welding / laser welding / compact
LAPRISS Panasonic Factory Automation Company



  • Function:

    spot welding, arc welding, laser welding

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"All-In-One", "One Source – One Responsibility" Laser oscillator, laser head, robot, welding process - all comes from Panasonic
Direct Diode Laser (DDL) + Wavelength Beam Combining (WBC) technology – latest generation, high brightness laser technology
Laser programming, robot programming - all from robot teaching pendant
“Laser Navigation” - for easy laser parameter setting
“Spiral Process” & “Spinning Process” – for gap handling
Compact & small trepanning laser head - easy access to the work piece
Low cost small size protection glass
Laser welding advantages
Low heat input
Low distortion
High speed welding
Replacing spot welding and arc welding