zinc-carbon battery / cylindrical
R series Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

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zinc-carbon battery / cylindrical zinc-carbon battery / cylindrical - R series
  • Zinc-carbon battery / cylindrical


  • Type:


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  • Nominal voltage:

    9 V, 1.5 V


These are zinc-carbon alkaline batteries which are made by Panasonic and have a myriad of applications. These affordable batteries can be used in electronic calculators, flashlights, penlights, cameras, remote controls, portable electronic, measuring instruments, smoke detectors, torchlights, alarm clocks, radios, toys, and much more. These zinc-carbon batteries come in handy for both consumer and professional applications. Panasonic has an excellent reputation for quality worldwide and these batteries are no exception. They have a long storage life and superior leakage resistance. These batteries are an excellent quality standard solution for low voltage applications and are manufactured in Europe.