Offset printer
700 - 1 500 fpm | 8498, 9328 series Pannier


  • Printing technology:



* Flexographic inking system ensures consistent print quality using liquid or semi-paste inks
* Synchronized drive system provides durable, virtually maintenance-free operation
* Corrosion-free stainless steel ink reservoir comes complete with replaceable liners for easy clean-up

Offset printers are an ideal way of printing a variety of identification on bar, tube, flats and other similar shapes. Standard units print at up to 700 fpm, and the optional high-speed inking system increases print speed to 1500 fpm. Character sizes range from 1/16" to 1" high.

Offset printers deliver high-quality, consistent images by transferring the message to be printed onto a print wheel that conforms to the diameter of the product being marked. The printers operate by using the friction between the print wheel and the product being marked as it passes through the printer.

Two standard models are available to meet most printing requirements. Both models can be mounted for top, bottom, horizontal or vertical printing.


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