impact marking machine / automatic / for metal
207 series Pannier


  • Technique:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, for metal


* Designed to feed, emboss or indent, and punch or shear coiled metal tag stock to produce tags to your exact specifications
* Embossing section uses quick-change holders for different tag configurations
* Embosses up to 60 tags per minute, ideal for applications where large quantities of identical tags are needed

The Model 207 was designed by Pannier Corporation to manufacture custom sizes or shapes of metal tags. Each machine is tailored to meet the customer's exact needs.

Plain or "nick and notched" metal tag material is automatically fed through the embossing section where male and female embossing dies mark the required data. The tag feed system can be adjusted for different tag lengths. An optional Automatic Tag Counter allows the user to dial in the exact amount of tags to be embossed and the machine creates them automatically.

Once embossed, individual tags can be ejected from the machine through a chute. Coiled tags can be rewound onto an optional tag recoiler; nick and notched tags are easily separated into individual tags.