laser printing machine
GX4 Pannier


  • Printing technology:



* Uses a 30 Watt CO2 laser to print on metal tags without the use of inks
* Heavy-duty, self-contained tag printing system for use in harsh environments
* Print on 3" or 4" wide tags in a variety of lengths up to 24"

The GX4 is Pannier's newest model tag printer, designed for fast and reliable performance in industrial environments. The tabletop stainless steel cabinet features a laser-safe viewing window and hinged panels for easy access to the internal components.

The GX4 works by using an air-cooled laser to create marks on specially-coated metal tags. Tags are fed from a coil, and after printing they are broken apart and ready to be attached to your product. Metal tags can be made in a variety of configurations and printed with text, graphics, bar codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes.

Tag formats are created in the Mark-Cleer® tag formatting software and can include fixed fields and data received from a keyboard, host system, bar code scanner or other sources such as a scale or a database. The software and user interface can be customized to meet your specific needs with features such as built-in data checking, host communication options, and data archiving.