floor-standing air purifier / HEPA filter / ionic / activated carbon
BA-DME Parker domnick hunter



  • Mounting:


  • Type:

    HEPA filter, ionic, activated carbon

  • Other characteristics:


  • Air flow:

    Min.: 32 m³/h (1,130.1 ft³/h)

    Max.: 57 m³/h (2,012.9 ft³/h)


The BA-DME and BAM series are composed of various phases of contaminant removal.

Inlet filtration integrates to get rid of heavy water, particles, and oil. Meanwhile, utilizing adsorption materials such as activated desiccant and carbon eliminate water and oil vapors. The desiccant material is kept in a pressure wing adsoprtion dryer that brings a consistent -40°C (-40°F) pressure dewpoint. Lastly, a final dust filter grabs any particulates held over from the adsorption materials.