pure nitrogen gas generator / laboratory / for LC/MS
max. 50 l/min | LCMS15 series Parker domnick hunter



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    for LC/MS


Manufactured with a strong field proven technology by Parker domnick hunter, the LCMS nitrogen gas generators are able to achieve the required drying, sheath, and nebulisation gas requirements. They have five models that functions with a flow rate of 15 L/min to 50 L/min.

The LCMS generators are integrated with a single ‘plug & play’ unit that allows it to produce uninterrupted stream of high purity nitrogen. Additionally, the generators have an optional oil free compressor, noise-free operations, and a certification from major instrumentation manufacturers.

They would also have a product purity of >99%, a flow range of 15 L/min, and a temperature range of 5 - 40 C.