cartridge filter housing / for liquids
OIL-X EVOLUTION MV Parker domnick hunter



  • Filter type:


  • Fluid:

    for liquids


Excellent for use in critical removal applications, the OIL-X EVOLUTION MV Medical Vacuum Filters can eliminate the presence of liquid, bacterial and solid contamination from vacuum pump systems' suction side. This not only prevents a biological infection from occurring in the environment surrounding the machine, but also keeps the pump system from being damaged in any way.

In operating theaters, dental departments, general wards, pathology departments and pharmacy laboratories as well as mortuaries and postmortem rooms, these vacuum removal systems will no doubt come in handy. They can be connected to a small localized vacuum pump or network. These devices can also be easily connected to more centralized, larger systems. MV Medical Vacuum filters will protect any system where they are located.