zero air generator / laboratory / for gas chromatography
max. 30 l/min | UHP-ZA Parker domnick hunter



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    for gas chromatography


The Parker domnick hunter UHP-ZA is a zero air generator that produces a non stop stream of organic impurity free air that comes from an external dry compressed air source. This provides superior limits of detection over and above other types of supply modes, Range of flow rates are 1 L/min to 30 L/min.

The UHP-ZA also comes with an interchangeable top panel which facilitates the direct mounting to Parker domnick hunter hydrogen generator. The stackable systems provides an innovative modular FID gas station that is suitable for all types of GC combustion detectors, FPD, FID and NPD. The UHP-ZA generators can be used in many types of chemical analysis process and life science applications. such as LC/MS zero and combustion gas and source gas for complete hydrogen carbon analyzers as well as for gas sensing and calibration as well as dilution gas.