heatless desiccant compressed air dryer
Pneudri MPX Parker domnick hunter



  • Technology:

    heatless desiccant

  • Capacity:

    2,815 m³/h (99,410.79 ft³/h)

  • Working pressure:

    Max.: 13 bar (188.549 psi)

    Min.: 4 bar (58.015 psi)


These PNEUDRI heatless dryers are unmatched in affordability and simplicity. They provide pristine dry air using technology that has been patented by Parker Domnick Hunter. These durable dryers offer users the best in security, performance, and dependability. These compressed air purification devices easily balance air quality with operation prices, while at the same time maintaining reliability and not compromising performance. Products made for the purification and filtration of compressed air that has been contaminated are generally chosen based solely on price but this is a mistake. Environmental impact and life long operational costs should be taken into account as should the overall air quality that the machine provides. When one is purchasing purification equipment great care should be taken to consider the environmental impact, the air quality delivered, and the entire cost of ownership. A great many manufacturers sell purification or filtration products but may not provided all these crucial criteria. However, one can be sure that the Parker Domnick Hunter corporation is committed to providing all these features and much more.