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electric cylinder / ISO 15552 / for harsh environments
ETT series Parker Hannifin France SAS



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    ISO 15552, for harsh environments

  • Force:

    Min.: 8 N

    Max.: 93 N

  • Speed:

    Min.: 6.81 m/s (22.342519685 ft/s)

    Max.: 13.25 m/s (43.471128609 ft/s)


ETT Linear Actuators..what’s not love!

Parker’s ETT is a direct thrust linear motor actuator that delivers ultra dynamic performance, perfectly suited for all kind of linear handling and pick & place applications. It is also an extremely cost-effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional pneumatic cylinders, especially applications that demand both flexibility and control.

- Direct drive motor reduces mechanical complexity: eliminates mechanical transmission
elements like ball screws, toothed belts or gearboxes
- Simple design that reduces maintenance time: comprising two main components, the ETT
does not required ordinary maintenance
- Great in harsh environments: IP67 construction and stainless steel shaft make it suitable for
wash down
- Easy to mount: available in three size, DIN ISO 15552 compliant and equipped with rotatable
connectors, all meaning the ETT can be easily integrated into any system

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