Axial piston hydraulic pump
PARKER Hydraulics

A majority of the variable piston pumps on the
market were designed decades ago, and very
few modifications have been made since then.
When Parker Hannifin decided to develop a new line of
variable piston pumps for the mobile market, it was
obvious to us that we needed to listen to and understand
our markets. We needed to get our hands around the
latest requirements and move the development forward.
Instead of starting the design work at the drawing board,
we went out to our customers and asked them what
characteristics they required from a new pump. Very
soon, the most important requirements became obvious.

OEM’s were looking for pumps that were easy and
inexpensive to install, had a low noise level, lasted a long
time, had a high self-priming speed and were equipped
to handle future pump controls.
With this in mind, our product team went to work on
perfecting our new line of pumps. The result: the new
Variable Piston Pump Series P2/P3.


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