belt screen / for wastewater treatment / fine / coarse screening
Aqua Guard® Parkson Corporation



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    for wastewater treatment, fine, coarse screening


The Aqua Guard® is a rugged and proven self-cleaning in-channel screen that uses a unique filter element system designed to automatically remove a wide range of floating and suspended solids from a wastewater stream.

These unique elements are woven together on stainless steel shafts to form the endless moving belt that collects, conveys and ultimately discharges the solids that are being removed from the treated wastewater.

The Aqua Guard® is capable of performing in a wide range of applications and element spacing settings – from 1mm to 30mm –depending on the requirements of the specific treatment process.

Principle of Operation

Solids larger than the nominal screen opening contained in the wastewater stream are captured on the filter elements and conveyed upward on the face of the filter belt to be discharged at the rear of the unit. The Aqua Guard® uses a two-stage screening method that allows the screen to filter out solids much smaller than the screen opening. This is achieved through coarse filtration on the leading edge of the belt, while fine screening takes place on the recessed face resulting in minimal headloss.