perforated plate screener / solid/liquid / for wastewater treatment / self-cleaning
Aqua Guard® PF Parkson Corporation



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for wastewater treatment

  • Other characteristics:

    self-cleaning, filter, heavy-duty, perforated plate


The Aqua Guard® PF screen is a self-cleaning, in-channel screening device that utilizes perforated plate media to automatically remove a wide range of solids from wastewater. The screen design is built on the Aqua Guard® filter element screen chassis that has been proven successful with over a thousand units installed and in operation. The Aqua Guard PF can be made with the heavy-duty “S” chain or the standard duty chain.

Principle of Operation

Solids contained in the wastewater flow are captured on the screen media and carried upward on the plate panels to discharge at the rear of the unit. At the discharge point, the plate panels are cleaned with a brush assembly and water spray. The drive sprocket has been enlarged to enable the brush and spray to make the most efficient cleaning contact with the panels.

The screen media is available in a variety of openings, with 1/4" (6mm) the most common. In some instances, perforated screens have shown to remove higher quantities of solids than other types of in-channel screens.