shaftless screw conveyor / for slurries / spiral / automatic
Helicon® Parkson Corporation



  • Technology:

    shaftless screw

  • Product transported:

    for slurries

  • Other characteristics:

    spiral, automatic, enclosed, stainless steel


The Helicon® spiral conveyor is the answer for efficient, reliable automatic transport. The conveyor is frequently used in conjunction with other Hycor® equipment to create a solids management system that conveys the screened solids to washing or dewatering, and ultimately to disposal.

The Helicon® conveyor is totally enclosed. Bolt-on covers contain odors, keep extraneous materials out, eliminate spills and minimize housekeeping.

The Helicon®’s shaftless spiral design is extremely simple, uncomplicated and will provide years of trouble-free performance. The shaftless spiral provides clear, unrestricted throughput with no center shaft to snag or wrap solids. There are no intermediate hanger bearings to obstruct flow and no maintenance-intensive end bearings.