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EquaJet® is a unique Wastewater Treatment process that utilizes the Parkson Jet System and multi-stage Activated Sludge treatment as a system offering. More specifically, the jet recirculation pump is used to provide mixing through highly efficient nitrate and/or anoxic recycle flow in a multi-stage Biological or Enhanced Nutrient Removal System. The EquaJet® System may be used within the EquaReact® System in both Municipal and Industrial markets, but can also be used as a stand-alone, multi-stage Activated Sludge Treatment System.


Realized Value:

Reduction in pumping and mixing equipment = cost savings
Maximizes Mixed Liquor recycle for treatment
Process control simplicity
Reduced energy consumption

Operational Value of the EquaJet® System:

Typically, a pumping system is designed to provide a design nitrate recycle flow rate between 2Q (200%) to 4Q (400%) of the Average Daily Flow (ADF). The EquaJet® System provides a significantly higher nitrate recycle flow rate up to 12Q (1200%) or more of the ADF without additional power requirements. Current EquaJet® installations range from 8Q (800%) to 12Q (1200%) of the ADF.