RF connector / radio-frequency / coaxial / rectangular
F series Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.



  • Type:

    RF, radio-frequency

  • Format:


  • Shape:

    rectangular, straight, elbow

  • Connection type:

    female, male, crimp

  • Material:

    stainless steel, brass

  • Other characteristics:


  • Product applications:

    board, for printed circuit boards


Pasternack Enterprises 75 Ohm F female connectors category incorporates 11 part numbers, the majority are RoHS and REACH consistent.75 Ohm F female connectors in this class will end to wheedle,printed circuit board or terminal. These 75 Ohm F female connectors are constructed to exact RF and microwave industry details.

Pasternack 75 Ohm F female connectors are assembled with 75 Ohm impedance. 75 Ohm F female connectors are accessible in straight or right point renditions, and in addition, bulkhead, 4 hole panel or mountless alternatives. These 75 Ohm F female connector outlines are accessible in pleat/patch or bind connections.We offer 75 Ohm F female connectors with standard or elite levels developed with brass or stainless steel bodies.

Pasternack Enterprises complies to ISO 9001:2008 certified office transports 75 Ohm F female connectors that day from the broadest and deepest in stock of microwave and RF things

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