communication adapter / interface / for coaxial cables / female
7/16 DIN Adapter RF Series Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    interface, for coaxial cables

  • Connector type:

    female, male, SMA, TNC, N

  • Other characteristics:

    DIN, elbow, straight


Pasternack Enterprises has engineered a range of premium adapters that are 7/16 DIN certified. The units incorporate 33 part numbers which are mostly RoHS and REACH compliant, save for a few. The adapters feature 50 Ohm impedance and are available in two versions- straight or right angled. The range provides extremely high performance units, low PIM versions and standardized versions.

The adapters facilitate compatibility between 7/16 DIN connectors and 7mm, HN, N, SMA, TNC or 7/16 DIN connectors. They also feature various configurations like male to female, female to female, female to sexless, male to sexless, female to male or male to male. They can be selected as bulkhead mounted or mountless versions.

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